Dust Explosions: Do you Have What it Takes?

On March 18, 2008. OSHA issued a Hazard Alert regarding Combustible Dust Explosions. Many people have been injured or killed during explosions involving combustible dust at their workplaces over the years. In February 2008, 14 employees were killed at Imperial Sugar in Georgia following an explosion.

Does your facility process Agricultural Products like egg whites or wood flour?

Does your manufacturing process result in the following dusts:

  • Agricultural (e.g. cotton, malt)
  • Carbonaceous (e.g. charcoal, cellulose)
  • Chemical (e.g. Sulfur, Ascorbic acid)
  • Metal (e.g. Bronze, Aluminum)
  • Plastic (e.g. epoxy resin, Melamine, Polyvinyl chloride)

If you answered yes, or are unsure, you may be at risk for a potential combustible dust explosion.

In order to prevent dust explosions, OSHA recommends an assessment of all materials to be used, all spaces that may contain the questionable materials, all operations where the materials are conducted, and any potential ignition sources.

To obtain additional information, visit the OSHA website or contact The Lawson Group for more help.

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