The Scott Lawson Companies Announces Strategic Alliance Between SherborneSoft and Comp-SIGMA Ltd.

SherborneSoft and Comp-SIGMA Ltd. collaborate to build a risk profiling and triaging system for the workers’ compensation industry.

SherborneSoft Inc., the leading provider of software tools for workers’ comp claim organizations has formed an alliance with Comp-SIGMA Ltd., to deploy their ‘Smart’ tools, RiskProf and MedProf.

These tools empower the claim professional to apply best practices early in the life of the claim so that Comp-SIGMA Ltd. can enhance their best-in-class proactive claim management. As part of the partnership, SherborneSoft and Comp-SIGMA Ltd. have committed to integrating their strategies and strengthening their go-to-market collaboration, enabling Comp-SIGMA Ltd. to deploy SherborneSoft’s ‘Smart’ tools, placing them on the cutting edge of workers’ comp claim management.

According to Marian Mitchell, Director of Claims for Comp-SIGMA Ltd., “Statistics show that 20% of all claims are costing 80% of all claim dollars spent. If we are able to identify these claims early on, we can intervene and control costs. SherborneSoft is working closely with us to develop analytics to identify problematic/challenging claims from the first day a claim is received.”

“Zach Lawson, Vice President of The Scott Lawson Companies and Comp-SIGMA, Ltd., clearly understands effective data analytics teamed with early intervention is critical to optimizing workers’ comp claim outcomes,” said Robert Mattison, Managing Director, SherborneSoft. 

“Comp-SIGMA Ltd. has demonstrated outstanding dedication and expertise in addressing the business and technology needs of all its’ customers and partners, so we look forward to joining with Comp-SIGMA Ltd. to continue to deliver innovative cost containment solutions.”

About SherborneSoft, Inc.

SherborneSoft’s RiskProf and MedProf are workers' compensation risk profiling and triaging tools that provide insights for improved outcomes, thus increasing productivity and reducing costs in the workplace. Our mission is to put all the right information at the fingertips of the claim professional to bring together expert claim practices with expert analytics. You can find more about SherborneSoft at

About Comp-SIGMA Ltd.

Comp-SIGMA Ltd. provides best-in-class Injury Management Services. Its experienced team of claims professionals is highly skilled and equipped with state-of-the-art claims management technology. This technology monitors claims from the first report and recommends the use of both expert in-house and expert external claim resources to ensure the best possible outcome for all injured workers.

Comp-SIGMA Ltd. is a subsidiary of The Scott Lawson Companies along with The Scott Lawson Group, Ltd., an Environmental Safety & Health Consultants Group, and Workforce Wellness, an Employee Wellness Plan Design and Implementation Firm.

Contact The Lawson Group to learn more.

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