Weekly Wellness Tips - Being Thankful

Learn to focus more on your blessings and get more of the good feelings that come with them! It is far too easy to focus on the things we wish were different and to overlook the things we have to be thankful for.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a simple and beautiful idea. It provides a place for you to stop and appreciate all of the wonderful things in your life. You can write anything you want in a gratitude journal.

What's the point?

To assist you in shifting from a state of discontent to one of appreciation. Keeping a gratitude journal makes it easier to remember to be grateful. Keep your journal on your nightstand or somewhere that you will see it every day.

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It gets easier.

Don't feel bad if when you first begin your gratitude journal you can't think of anything you're grateful for. It only means that the part of your brain that produces gratitude is a little out of practice. Write down anything you can think of; your sight, the food you have to eat, a bed to sleep in at night, and so on.

Morning and night are the best times to write.

Writing down what you're grateful for is a wonderful way to start your day. It makes it easier to notice things to be grateful for as you go about the rest of your day. Before going to sleep is also a great time for writing. It is a good time for your mind to file, sort, and process the information it received during the day.

Look at the benefits.

When you truly live in gratitude you are at peace, content, uplifted, and energized. Your life feels full and satisfying. Grateful people are usually healthier and happier people.

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