Weekly Wellness Tips - Self-Appreciation

Self-appreciation is an important step to loving yourself and being able to lead a happy and successful life with confidence and ease.

Acknowledge the Good

Make a list of your strengths and some of your perceived weaknesses. Do not dwell on the weaknesses, but reframe them into strengths. For example, maybe you feel that you are often late and perceive this to be a weakness.

While this is something to improve upon, you may acknowledge that you “live in the moment” and don’t rush through life.

Be Yourself

You’re unique and that’s awesome! Identify your core values and write them down. Pay attention to times in which you are most able to be yourself and times in which this is more difficult.

Consider what is different between these types of situations. Before you can appreciate and accept yourself, you need to know who you are and be that person.

Stay Positive

Don’t stop reminding yourself of all your great qualities, and also all of life’s blessings. Track/log these as you notice them throughout each day.

This will help them resonate more than if you were to simply take a mental note and the more regularly you log, the easier it will become to have a positive outlook on yourself and day-to-day scenarios.

tlg-wellness tips self appreciation positivityPay it Forward

By appreciating and respecting yourself, you are showing others how you should be treated by others, with appreciation and respect.

Accept compliments with gratitude and set boundaries when you feel a person’s actions hinder your self-esteem.

Always follow the golden rule by treating others the way you would like to be treated.

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