Noise Exposure

Exposure to noise is one of the few occupational health hazards that when you stop the exposure, you stop the damage. When someone says that they're exposed to exactly 90 decibels for exactly eight ho...


The Lawson Group has over forty years of experience helping healthcare businesses meet occupational health and safety requirements to guarantee their staff's wellbeing.

Facilities Management

Whether there's a burst pipe or a foul odor, forty years of experience has equipped The Lawson Group with the necessary know-how to address these issues immediately and with lasting solutions.

Real Estate & Construction

In the real estate and construction businesses out there, the majority of the services that The Lawson Group provides have to do with the management of hazardous materials.

Wellness Competitions

Wellness challenges or competitions can build a sense of community around getting healthier. With a workplace wellness challenge, get your entire workforce participating in good-natured fun while prac...

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