Healthy Tips For Spring

Spring is here and it’s a great time to start enjoying the outdoors. Here are 3 quick tips on how to stay happy and healthy outdoors this spring:

  1. Be aware of the bugs. If you're going to be spending time outside make sure that you’re wearing the proper insect repellent to keep from being bitten by mosquitoes and ticks that can be caring harmful diseases. Permethrin can be used on clothing to repel ticks while brands like OFF can repel mosquitos and other insects.
  2. Use sunscreen and beat the heat. Spending more time outdoors in the hot sun, you’re more prone to develop sunburns; heat stress/stroke and can become dehydrated if you're not taking in enough liquids. Using sunscreen and the correct clothing is very important and can help prevent sunburn. Make sure to drink plenty of water and take breaks out of the suns rays when spending time outdoors to help avoid dehydration and heat stress.
  3. Being aware of others and help them be aware of you. If you plan on spending time in the woods be sure that you and your pets are wearing bright colors such as blaze orange to help identify yourself. Wearing blaze orange or other bright colors can help you and the hunter to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors.
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