Innovative Material Handling Technology

A few years ago, Bensonwood made the proactive decision to install three high-powered vacuum tube lifting systems in their workshop in Walpole.

“Handling sheet goods had been the toughest ergonomic challenge we faced on the shop floor,” said Dennis Marcom, Safety Director at Bensonwood.

Depending on the material, the vacuum lift system allows workers to handle up to 230 lbs. with little effort. Employees are happy with the equipment, finding it easy to learn and simple to use. Material handling aids like this one can simplify jobs and move goods more quickly and easily throughout a work space. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it also reduces the amount of manual lifting and maneuvering that typically leads to injury.

“It’s early days yet, but we have a happier, more productive crew,” Dennis said.

Safety Innovation

The Lawson Group Loss Control Team sees our member companies constantly improving their operations to make them safer for employees. We are bringing more awareness to the wonderful improvements our members are making by periodically sharing Safety Innovations. If you have an innovation that you would like to share, please contact your Loss Control Consultant.

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