Make Parking Lot Safety a Walk in the Park

Whether you’re arriving at work, the grocery store, or the gym, chances are you’ll find yourself in a parking lot. It may seem like a bunch of parked cars wouldn’t pose a safety risk, but studies have shown that approximately 20% of vehicle collisions and 20% of vehicle-pedestrian collisions occur in parking lots. Car accidents aren’t the only concern, however. Crime, weather conditions, terrain, and lighting are also concerns to keep in mind when parking your car in a lot.

Here are some tips to keep you safe:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. When in your vehicle, be on the lookout for pedestrians and other vehicles pulling in or out. Avoid using your cell phone or headphones. When on foot, stay to the sides of lanes and keep an eye out for moving vehicles.
  • Park with safety in mind. Backing into your parking space allows for better visibility when leaving your spot. At night, park close to your destination in a well lit area.
  • Be prepared. Keep the valuables in your car (GPS, purse, computer, etc.) out of sight. Always lock your vehicle. Have your keys ready when approaching your vehicle for quick access.
  • Watch your speed. Follow the speed limit and be mindful of crosswalks and stop signs. Stay in your lane and do not cut across parking spaces.
  • Watch your step. Be aware of slippery surfaces like ice and snow, and tripping hazards like potholes and raised sidewalks. Wear appropriate footwear in the wintertime. Use pedestrian walkways whenever possible.
  • Maximize visibility. Windshields, windows, and mirrors should always be kept clean. Be sure to remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before driving.
  • Buckle up! Always wear your seatbelt when driving. Don’t let slower speed limits fool you—accidents can happen at any speed.

For more information about keeping your employees safe in the company parking lot, please click here to learn about implementing a Snow & Ice Management Plan.

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