Stress Busters for Busy Moms

In honor of Mother’s Day, let’s share some stress-busting tips with these heroes. If you are a busy mother or woman—these ideas are for you!

It’s not easy for moms to find time for themselves. Think about all of the women you know that complete the long to-do lists, shuttle children to school and activities, care for family members and friends, manage careers and households, and are involved with the community. This describes many of the amazing women I know—and they know what stress is!

Women who take a few minutes for themselves feel rejuvenated and more energetic, are able to focus clearly, and are less stressed and anxious. A few minutes can work wonders for mental and physical health. Here are a few effective (and simple) ideas from other women:

Get Moving!

Exercise effectively relieves depression and anxiety. Find an activity that you enjoy and feel the stress melt away. Activities may include a 15 minute walk, climb a set of stairs several times, skip rope, go to a yoga class or practice stretching.

Play and Laugh

Laughing has a multitude of health benefits. Read a funny book, watch a comedy, do something silly. Spend time with a pet. Get the family involved by playing tag, climbing the jungle gym, jump through the sprinkler, swing, share a good book or play board games.


Dr. Melissa Stoppler, Stress Management Guide recommends, “Before reacting to the next stressful occurrence, take three deep breaths and release them slowly.” If you have time, sit and breathe this way for three to five minutes or more. Imagine that you are breathing the stress right out of your body.

Get Organized

According to, “If one of your main sources of stress is the sheer number of things that need to be done, being organized should help you feel more at peace. A good sense of organization will also make you more efficient. Simplifying will help you feel less overwhelmed.”

One easy way to get organized is to use a planner. A planner helps keep track of hectic family schedules. Schedule time to complete routine tasks and schedule time for yourself. Organize your surroundings by putting clutter away and filing important documents right away.

A Little R&R

Kick your feet up once the kids are in bed. Put on comfortable PJs and turn on a good TV show or read a magazine or book that you’ve been looking forward to. Give your brain (and your muscles) a little R & R!

Happy Feet

Foot baths relieve aches and pains and can revive tired, sore feet and a fatigued body. It’s a great way to pamper these hard-working and often-neglected parts! It also forces you to sit down and relax for a few minutes.

Do you have some stress buster tips or ideas to share?

Have a happy and healthy Mother’s Day!

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