Clean Up Your Act (and Keep it Clean)

From an early age, we learn it is polite to pick up after ourselves, and while this is common practice at home, it should also be reflected in the workplace. It’s not only distracting to work in a clu...

The Proactive Way to Stay Healthy

Are you overdue for one or more of your preventative health screenings? Do you know which screenings you are recommended to complete and at what ages for men and women?

Happy Spring from Scott

Happy almost end of Covid (we hope)! Welcome inflation, $5 diesel and $4.+ gas, continued delays in the supply chain, and $12 2x4’s that used to cost 3 bucks!!!!

2016 Granite United Way Day of Caring

This year marks year two for The Lawson Group participating in the Granite United Way Day of Caring. The Day of Caring is a celebration of community volunteers giving one day to help one another.

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