The Importance of New Hire Orientation

Loss Control wants you to know that when you hire new employees, effective new hire orientation can not only increase production and save money, it could save a life.  Statistics show that somewhere between 75-80% of workers do not receive information or training on how to do their jobs safely.

Historically, new employees have been more likely to get hurt on the job than more experienced workers.  A recent study has shown; of 6 million injured, 40 percent are employees who have been with the company less than one year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Comp-Sigma's Loss Control team has collected data from claims they have managed in the past, and found that the frequencies of injuries are great and also extremely costly.

Some common orientation mistakes are overwhelming the employee with to much information and names packed into one day, showing long orientation movies, and failing to properly prepare for the new hires arrival.  

Instead, try getting their families involved in the process, and giving the employees enough work to be productive on their first days.  Also, providing orientations that are not rushed or boring helps keep their interest level high and always use feedback to improve their job tasks.

Proper new hire orientation can raise safety awareness, prevent costly injuries and lead to an increase in production.  Plan ahead, and provide enough training for your new hires!  You will be glad that you did.

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