The Value of a Health Risk Assessment

For all of us, lifestyle choices made today are an investment in long-term health. The success of an organization depends on the health and productivity of its employees. Behaviors such as lack of exercise, smoking, and poor diet are among the risk factors that increase the chances of becoming ill.

Employers who take the steps to improve employee health experience an increase in productivity and a boost in morale. Health care costs and absenteeism are typically reduced. One simple step that can assist in this process is offering employees a Health Risk Assessment (HRA). An employer can benefit from the results of a HRA.

What is an HRA?

The HRA is a confidential health questionnaire used to identify personal health risks. The HRA asks basic questions about health habits and history. Employees fill out a survey. The assessment generally takes about 15-minutes to complete.

The standardized form of the HRA allows for an overall evaluation of the participant’s current health status based on factors such as sleep, fitness, stress management, and nutrition. Participants receive an in-depth personal report upon completion of the HRA survey. The report is in a format that is easy to understand. An overview of the participant’s current health status is given. The report educates about how to make positive and lasting lifestyle changes.

Aggregate HRA results may be used by the employer to promote employee health and address specific health risks. Offering health screenings, education, and risk reduction activities creates awareness and support healthy behavior change.

Research shows that poor health practices and the existence of health risks have a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line. Taking steps to protect and improve the health of your employees is good business. This can pay off in lower health care costs, less sickness and lost work time, improved productivity, and increased morale. Health behavior research has shown that helping people identify threats to their health encourages the process of healthy change.

To learn more about health risk assessments, contact The Lawson Group.

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