Weekly Wellness Tips - Emergency Preparedness

You never know when you will be faced with an emergency where you may need to survive on whatever you have with you. For this reason, it is a good idea to assemble an emergency kit ahead of time. This kit should prepare you to survive on your own for at least 72 hours.

Here are some items you absolutely must include in your emergency kit.

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Make sure you have one gallon of water per person for a minimum of 3 days.


Store plenty of non-perishable foods to feed everyone in your household for a minimum of 3 days. Canned food is a common choice. Remember to store a can opener with the food!


Keep a battery-powered or hand-crank radio and an NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert. Store some extra batteries too.


Store at least one flashlight that is either battery-powered or hand-crank. If it is battery-powered store extra batteries for this as well.

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First Aid Kit

You can buy first aid kits from many stores, of many different sizes, or you can make your own. Make sure to keep one with your emergency kit.

Garbage Bags and Moist Towelettes

Keep these handy for personal sanitation purposes. Sanitation is important to prevent illness and disease.

A Whistle

Keep a whistle in your kit so you are able to signal local officials and relief workers for help.

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