Weekly Wellness Tips - Healthy Eating in December

For many, the holidays mean cooking, cleaning, traveling, and taking care of everything, which makes it tough to actually enjoy the time off. Many lose sight of their fitness and dietary goals during this busy time, but now more than ever before it's way easier to eat healthier and stay on track in December!

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Limit Alcohol Consumption

Holiday get-togethers often have alcoholic drinks available. Be mindful of your intake and don’t let your other efforts for healthy eating be outweighed by over-indulging in alcohol. Set limits for how much you will drink. If hosting, it may be helpful to toss leftover alcohol or gift unopened bottles to avoid having it in the house.

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Cut Down on Sugar

Feeling tired all the time? Or feeling like easy prey for every bug that's going? Did you know that sugar can cause your energy to crash and make your white blood cells less able to combat nasties? Enjoy fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth and boost your immune system!

Hide All the Temptations

The holiday season tends to come with many treats and goodies, both savory and sweet. Choose when you would like to enjoy these treats and limit having them available in the home otherwise.

Eat More Fresh Vegetables

Serve a large mixed salad as an appetizer before the main course to take the edge off hunger and give you a valuable serving of fresh vegetables.

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Plan to Eat Well

Make healthy eating easy by keeping healthy options within easy reach. Leave a healthy snack on the counter for when you return from work and may be tempted to reach for the cookies otherwise. Prepare healthy meals in advance when possible.

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