Scott Talks: Why You Need a Plan for OSHA Compliance

In this episode of the podcast, learn about the common mistakes that companies make when establishing safety incentive programs in the workplace and how you can design a plan to effectively reduce injuries.


One of the things I want to talk about is incentive programs. A lot of companies try to implement incentive programs for safety performance, or for safe performance. And in a lot of cases the attempts are quite genuine, but they miss the mark. OSHA doesn’t really like companies implementing incentive programs because they’re of the opinion that an incentive program is to discourage employees from reporting injuries as opposed to what an incentive program should be: encouraging safe work practices.

So, it’s a tightrope that you need to walk because in a lot of companies if you don’t orient the program the right way from the get go, you’ll end up by default that people will not report injuries so they can get the gifts or rewards or incentives that you’re offering as opposed to actually working safer in the first place. Case in point, if you offer a certain trinket, whether it’s gift cards, or scratch tickets, or cash, or a lunch, if they can go a certain number of hours without a lost time injury, everybody will encourage anybody who has a lost time injury to not report it so that they can get the lunch, or a gift card, or whatever it is that they were going to reward.

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