Working Communities

We all work and live in communities, and are part of several different communities. If one feels that they are part of a group or community they benefit from the spirit of the community and their work, as a group, is performed more efficiently and with better quality. Feeling that you have a “stake” in your work and community is important.

Work communities can be developed in several different ways.

Providing community spirit for your workers can help a company’s bottom line and productivity and also be used to assist the larger community. Encouraging employees to give back their local communities help the larger community and if some of these activities are done as a group they can help to develop a stronger community.

Recently the Scott Lawson Group employees have participated in two local events. The road races were in two different communities and benefited different charities.

The team spirit that is developed during such activity leads to better teamwork in the office. This type of event allows employees from different departments to form relationships and learn more about each other’s jobs and duties. Also important is the spirit of giving to the larger community.

There are lots of ways for any company large or small to allow and encourage workers to give back to their communities and to develop a strong team spirit at work.

These include Community Days of Caring, local volunteer activities, and group activities such as participating in a community event. These activities do not have to occur during work time, they just need someone to organize the “team” for the activity.

The team spirit that develops among workers is a benefit to the employer while the community at large is also deriving benefit. Think about a group activity for your work community this fall. Contact The Lawson Group to learn more.

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